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Invented by the master butcher


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The original mix of Peter Stettler, made by the master butcher for all meat and poultry with specially selected peppers, curry, rosemary and many other fine ingredients, which tastes really fine again. Also great for tofu because it contains no animal substances.


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Instead of salt, HärdöpfelGwürz is soon to be used for all dishes, including fried eggs, Cœöpfligeig, pasta, water, salad dressings, dip sauces and, of course, all kinds of potatoes, from raclette to rösti and of course chips and country kosher.


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Our very special favorite, probably one of the best salad condiments in the world. Why do we claim that? Well, we have tested everything on the market. The result: Our salad spice “tastes like Gwürz” and not dried grass.

s’Trio ChuchiChäschtli

… has changed the lives of countless households.

When cooking, eating is the goal and spicing was always something like a book with 7 seals. Of course you can mix the spices yourself and get something…

The whole trio ChuchiChaschtli was driven to the Passion:
with 3 spice blends, over 80% of the dishes are finely prepared and tasty.

The fine spice blends of Stedy

Peter Stettler, the founder of Stedy, was a master butcher by profession and was already working on different spice blends in the 70s to offer them to his customers. At that time, it was still “in” that the butcher himself had made spice blends on the basis of his sausage spice recipes.

Tradition is and remains. Thus, only selected ingredients, including a pepper, which is otherwise sold as a single sweet pepper are used as basic ingredients.

According to the old way of manufacturing, the spices and blends are still produced today when we receive an order. So we can follow the heir and offer you freshly mixed spice blends that have the full power of flavor in them.
All of our blends are made according to the same recipe as they were then and also with the same stirrers. Batches of around 200kg are the norm here … and if it takes more, we just let the mixer run several times.

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