There is one Original Seasoning*
our helper for the dayli usage in every kitchen*
Founded in 1980 by a master butcher in Switzerland, we produce the finest spice blends every day to help thousands of customers conjure up fine dishes in a simple way.

We maintain this tradition as a family business and still produce by hand as we used to. Fresh every day.

This is noticeable on the one hand by the unmistakable taste and on the other hand by the fine dishes that can be conjured up with our spice mixes.

But not only our products, but also our philosophy make us unique:

  •  LOVE: We do not have customers... But exclusively fan's. 
  • Tradition: We are pleased to mix to the original recipes
  •  Made in Switzerland: From Hand for you
* proven in Switzerland since 1980, we are delivering more than 4500 Stores and we get +1000'000 Happy Customers :) .
Now we decided to spice the world new.
More than 38 years we have been selling our products just to the Market of Switzerland. Due to the technology change, the easy communication by internet, and also the high demand from abroad... we decided to sell our famous product *"HärdöpfelGwürz" (<- which means Seasoning made for all potato dishes) worldwide.
 #1: Made in Switzerland - since 1980
 #2: Started 2006 with 0kg. / Fanbase today 
 #3: Family based Company under private Owner
*First come first serve....
Happy greetings
Valentin Stettler
Owner of Stedy Gwürz AG
2. Generation.
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